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What We Do?

Creating AI specialises in AI research and consultancy services. We assist businesses in adopting sustainable AI solutions and efficient machine learning tools. The company is dedicated to researching, developing, and implementing sustainable AI solutions. The pursuit of sustainable AI solutions is one of our ongoing research projects. Our goal is to tackle the urgent need for sustainable algorithms.

icon Our Mission

Our mission is to research and develop digital solutions in ways to improve the world for better and safer.

We envision a future where AI and human intelligence seamlessly collaborate to address the world's most pressing challenges. We are confident that our AI endeavours will lead to transformative advancements and make a positive impact on society as a whole.

Our Solutions

Consultation & Implementation

Providing advice and guidance to an organization on data-driven decision-making. We will help you define your AI strategy, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap for AI adoption that aligns with your business goals.


1. Help you adopt sustainable AI practises

We can help you to prioritise sustainable AI practises and provide training programs.


2. Help you adopt efficient Machine Learning Tools

Finding the best AI models for your business can be costly in terms of computer power, the skills needed to set up and use them, and the time it takes. We'll help you find a solution that shows great potential.


Researching and Creating AI solutions

Creating AI focuses on researching, developing, and implementing sustainable AI solutions in different industries.


1. Sustainable algorithms

Our goal is to tackle the urgent need for sustainable algorithms. As AI and machine learning progress quickly, it's important to create algorithms that are not just efficient and accurate but also consider their impact on ethics, society, and the environment.


2. Creating AI models

Interested to learn more about what our research team is upto, get in touch with us.

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Let's find the solution together

If you have any inquiries about partnerships or research opportunities, please feel free to contact our team using the email address provided. We are actively seeking collaborations with academic institutions and organizations.


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